New intersection lays groundwork for viaduct construction in Minooka

Minooka trustees Tuesday accepted an $814,570 bid from P.T. Ferro to build an intersection at McLindon Road
and the Twin Rails industrial subdivision.

The project also includes an additional $97,546 for oversight and material testing for Robinson Engineering.

Village Administrator Dan Duffy, along with the mayor and Village Board, were pleased with the aggressive bid for the intersection.

“We had estimates close to $1 million; so, we are very pleased with the bid,” Duffy said.

The west end of the industrial park runs into a cul-de-sac, which will be turned into a four-way intersection.

That project will create better traffic flow in and out of Twin Rails once work begins to widen the railroad viaduct on Ridge Road. Ridge will be closed at times from the viaduct to McEvilly Road.

The new intersection will allow traffic coming out of Twin Rails to exit west onto McLindon, and turning onto Grainger Way will allow easy access to Interstate 80.

Work on the intersection begins this year, while the railroad viaduct project, which Grundy County will handle, is scheduled for 2019, Duffy said.

A county timeline has bidding on the overpass in January 2019. Full closures of Ridge Road will happen between June and October.

Although the work originally was scheduled for a two-year period so that only one lane would be closed at a time, Duffy said he expects ordering the work to be done all at once will save the village about $500,000.

The village will hold a public meeting at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 13 in the village’s community room. The county will provide exhibits showing the project and official detour routes.

Duffy said other routes for local traffic only will be available, and traffic will be able to reach businesses.

Self-storage project tabled

Trustees agreed to table a vote for a conditional permitted use by Brannick Ridge for a self-storage facility on the southeast corner of Brannick and Ridge roads.

Several trustees asked that the project go back to the Committee of the Whole to make sure the landscaping and screening is in line with other similar facilities in the area.

Although the planning and zoning board unanimously approved the project, including the landscaping the applicant presented, trustees want the information to be part of the ordinance.

State lagging on prevailing wage

The state of Illinois requires trustees to pass a prevailing wage act, regulating the wages of laborers, mechanics and other workers employed in public works. However, the current prevailing wage rate is what the state had approved Sept. 1.

“As of now, we are still going off 2017 wages,” Duffy said. “The state is lagging behind in several items including prevailing wage. And in 2019, we will probably pass the 2018 wage.”

Police bargaining agreement met

Trustees unanimously approved a collective bargaining agreement between the village of Minooka and the Metropolitan Alliance of Police, Minooka Chapter 348.

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