Construction of logistics building imminent

Construction of 756,000-square-foot precast concrete logistics building starting soon

A rendering of the HSA project.
A rendering of the HSA project.

The village of Shorewood soon will see construction start on a new 756,000-square-foot precast concrete logistics building on 48 acres of land just annexed to the village during the regular board of trustees meeting April 10.

The location on Mound Road and Southwest Frontage Road already holds many warehouses and is the cause of truck traffic, which has residents in the area up in arms since the Feb. 7 hearing.

Angry residents spoke at the podium for two hours, also with banter back and forth between the board and the residents in the audience, which caused Mayor Rick Chapman to use his gavel to quiet the room. Concerns from the residents included decreased property values, increased truck and employee traffic and infrastructure not suitable for such traffic, trucks in residential areas and noise.

In previous meetings and in the
April 10 meeting, those in the Camelot subdivision in unincorporated Joliet said that trucks from the warehouses on the frontage road ignore no truck signs and turn the wrong way into their subdivision and get stuck because there is only one way in and out.

Residents mentioned that the entrance becomes blocked several times a week, and usually law enforcement or tow trucks have to be called out to remedy the situation. They saw this as a safety and convenience concern.

“Many times I have called the sheriff’s department because a semi has blocked us in, and then we have to wait for them to call a tow truck. We already have enough trouble,” said Gia Rodriguez of the Camelot subdivision. “Buses can’t get in, and nobody is doing anything for us because we are unincorporated. Even emergency services can’t get through because semis block our roads.”

In response, Chapman said, “There is not a member up here who hasn’t been listening, reading emails and looking over the project as it was converted to the original to what it is right now. It’s not something where we say, ‘Oh they’re not attached to us.’
Well, we are all human beings, and we are attached to us that way.”

Original designs were updated to allow for a truck turnaround on the business site, which would allow trucks to turn around safely if they turned right, which would be toward Leisure Lakes and the Camelot subdivision. Karen James, village community development director, said another concern was if there was enough space from the turn onto Southwest Frontage Road and the stop sign, or if trucks would block both lanes in to stop at the sign at Mound Road.

The plans were revised, and the turn now sets 30 feet back from where it originally was originally and curbing guides the driver to go north instead of south into the subdivisions.

The other issue was that of the landscape design and berms along the property. The west side aligns with a street of homes which already has a natural tree barrier to the undeveloped site.

Homeowners addressed concern with noise and the visual barriers, and James offered three options of landscape design to the board. The board approved option three, which was a compromise of the other two options and included the preservation of 6 feet of trees and a 13.5 foot berm around the property.

With the approval of the annexation agreement between the village, George Kappos and HSA Acquisitions Inc., the board in conjunction approved two more ordinances which included the annexation of certain territory to the corporate limits of the village and the approval of the ordinance to grant a conditional use permit for a planned unit development and zoning map amendment to ORI office, research and light industrial district in the village, as well as the approval of the preliminary and final plat of subdivision for HAS effective upon annexation and subject to final engineering.

In Shorewood business updates, Shorewood Dental received approval to tear down the two homes which are owned by and located next to the office in order to add additional parking.

The lot was rezoned from a R-1 medium density single-family residence district to a B-1 neighborhood convenience shopping center. The property will allow access from Turtle Street and will provide landscaping to buffer residential homes from the parking lot.

The board also amended the Class-K liquor license, which allows craft beer sales, so that Will County Brewing could serve wine by the glass open earlier on Sundays.

The license amendment states that the establishment may sell from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays and 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The actual hours Will County Brewing operates is up to the business based on these parameters.

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