Morris police warn of fake Craigslist postings on rental houses

MORRIS – The Morris Police Department posted on its Facebook page about fake Craigslist postings for local houses for rent.

The police said they have taken reports over the last couple of months regarding the fake posts. In the most recent reports, a resident said he found an ad on Craigslist for a house in Minooka.

The resident then called the phone number listed and spoke with a man who told him to send $75 with an application to his secretary in Mississippi. The gentleman received it and then said they had several people applying for the house and asked for another $100 to show his commitment to renting the house, according to the Facebook post.

At this point the resident became suspicious and did not send the money. He called the house’s homeowners association and found out the house was occupied and not for rent.

“This type of scam is common among many postings on Craigslist, not just rental property,” the Facebook post read. “Luckily our local resident was only out $75. This scam has netted the bad guys thousands of dollar [sic] at a time.”

The post included tips on how to avoid being scammed by such listings. Craigslist also has a page on its website about how to avoid scams.

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